„The Bus“ Movie Is Out!

26 08 2012

The documentary “The Bus” is finally out and you can buy it! I had ordered the DVD some weeks ago and it arrived a few days ago. Just watched it and really, really liked it. Beautifully catches the spirit of driving a Volkswagen bus. Makes you want to hop on the bus and start the next adventure. Hope we do that more often once our baby-daughter is big enough to make travelling a bit easier. And when she also can enjoy it more herself. Makes me also want to learn more about the mechanics so that I can do more on the car myself. The DVD came with a BUS “country sticker” which went straight to the roof box today, together with the latest trophy, the sticker from the Czech republic. I also like the movie poster & DVD cover: T1, T2 and T3 morphed into one bus. Many wonderful comments from the many people speaking about their lives with VW campervans. “You meet the best people when your car breaks down. The jerks won’t stop…” We actually helped two people with problems on the way to Czech. So bus drivers also seem to be the people to talk to when you look for help on a full Autobahn rest place. In fact we were the only people with a canister of petrol and could help that motorbike driver with a completely empty tank. Anyway, have a look at the movie trailers on their web page (or in my previous post). It is a beautiful movie.



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