Porsche B32 – A Porsche VW Bus

1 09 2012

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles each year joins the Berlin VW Bus Festival with a couple of historic buses from their Hannover-based museum. This year they brought the official Porsche VW Bus: A 1985 T3/T25 Caravelle Carat equipped with a 911 boxer engine, a six cylinder air-cooled 3.2 L boxer engine with 231 H.P. It runs with a max speed of 185 km/h, features Porsche Fuchs wheels, extra air inlets on the sides in the back to cool the engine, a Carrera writing on the back lid, and Porsche emblems on the wheels and on the lower A columns. Also the rear bumper seems to have extra air inlets for cooling. The bus is called Porsche B32, seats six people and cost 100.000 Deutsch Marks at the time. It is mentioned on the German Wikipedia page for the T3 VW Bus, but not on the Porsche Wikipedia page. According to the information sheet (in German, photo below), the project originated from the need for a support vehicle when Porsche engineers were out for longer test rides (the Wikipedia page says it was built as Porsche’s support vehicle for the Paris Dakar race). Developed with what you apparently still had in the 1980ies, “free development capacities”, the efforts resulted in a mini series of about 15 buses which “combine a sporty character with elegance”. Apparently only nine of these are still alive, so this special edition has become even more special over time.



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