Campervan Rental in the Scottish Highlands

16 09 2012

When we met Gavin and his winning bus at the Berlin VW Bus Festival in August, we learnt about another VW bus rental: Happy Highland Campers are based in Inverness in the Scottish highlands. I just looked up their web page: It is a family-run business with four baywindow VW campervans (two T2as and two T2bs) and, as their latest addition, a split-window, reserved for wedding hire. Browsing their page really made me want to go to Scotland on one of our next trips!
If you plan to travel to Scotland in a VW camper, another useful site may be the Inverness based Highland VW Club. If you are looking for other classic Volkswagen bus rentals, Zero-to-sixty-eventually has started collecting them on his VW campervan blog.

Screenshot of the Happy Highland Campers web site,



One response

18 09 2012

and now I have one more listed!! I dream of trying them all some day….

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