Early Bay Westfalia Camper

28 09 2012

A beautiful T2a spotted a week ago, parking around the corner in Berlin. You don’t see these often any more. Should be from between 1967 and 1972. Looks like a Westfalia camper with an interior layout where the sink/stove unit is behind the passenger seat. I think the fold-up roof of the early bay Westfalias had the hinges in the front and the luggage bay in the back, as with this one. Louvered windows on both sides, and two separate front seats, with a walkway in between. The green 1969 Westfalia of Classic Campers has had a front bench seat and no walkway to the back. Perhaps differences between different generations of the early bay campers? The color is probably sierra yellow (L11H) and pastel white (L90D). Following Rolf Stephan Badura’s bay window color code overview (compiled from the original Volkswagen sales brochures), this color was only available between 1971 and 1972. I have always been more of a T2b fan, but I start to like the early bays more and more. For some more pictures of this one click to my Flickr photo stream.



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29 09 2012

That is a nice early bay and they certainly are getting harder to find. I am the reverse of you, early bays my favorite but appreciating the later T2b more and more. I am not familiar with differences between European/USA models and definitively do not know the years for paint colors; perhaps you can hep me out with this one. In the states, bays showed up in 68 and the low turn signals, reverse lights and oval brake lenses would put this one between 68-71. 72s got the larger square taillights of the later bays but still had the low front turn signals (they went up by the grill in 73, the first year of the rear-hinged pop-top). The wheels on this bus indicate 68-70; 71 and later had different rims, bolt pattern, and front disc brakes. The electric hook up looks like it is the 68-69 (and maybe 70) version as the 71 (70?) was larger, lower, and sloped. So in the US this bus would seem to fall between 68-70 but the paint color is 71-72. In Europe, did VW not change the 71-72 models like in the US? Maybe a newer paint on this one? The non-walk through model you mentioned (green 68) are somewhat rare here. I’ve seen them once in a while on forum sites and for sale but not at any shows. Are they common over there?
When I got into this hobby I thought all buses were the same for each year. Now, with all the resources of the internet, I find each country had their own variations, modifications, camper designs. Hard to keep track of it all but I have fun trying!

31 05 2015
Brazilian T2c Campervan spotted in Ireland | Campervan Crazy

[…] some photos of Taiga Lily, our 1976 late bay bus and two photos of Early Bay Window buses (from Berlin and Geelong). Many thanks to kombi correspondent Bill for the snapshots from […]

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