Dividing walls completed

3 10 2012

I got the last details sorted out with the dividing walls behind the driver and passenger seats. Taiga Lily‘s interior was mostly disassembled when we bought her, and I only slowly get all pieces back into their places. Now I cut out round openings into the plywood panels (added in June) to fit two shutters for the heating vents. The shutters (imprinted VW part number 211 259 473) actually are too small for the openings of the original panels. They are the same as in the left and right air channels in the dashboard and probably come from the second dashboard that came with the van. Anyway, they look good and do the job. I also finally attached the connecting pieces (part number 221259205) which bridge the gap to the hot air channels on the front doors (added in May). Finally the two original rubber mats, with some cracks but clean again after a thorough scrub with lots of soap water, were put back in place. Looks all quite neat and authentic again. Nice!

Dividing walls before…

… and after: Air vents added and rubber mat at base back in place.



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15 06 2014
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[…] wall behind front seats finally put in. I had re-discovered these parts only after I had already assembled the air channels in […]

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