Kombis in Cairo

20 10 2012

We did a day trip to Cairo when we spent a week at Egypt’s east coast in 2008. When we were making our way through the suburbs on the way to the pyramids, more and more kombis popped up in the traffic. All late bays, all in white and most with sliding doors and engine lids open. Most with stable-looking roofracks. They seemed to be the standard minibus cabs in Cairo and people were hopping on and off on each block along the way. On closer look they originally had come in all kinds of colors but had then all been repainted in white. Probably just the best color to deal with the heat. I was reminded of this when the main German evening news, the Tagesschau, yesterday brought a feature on exactly these “white kombis of Cairo” and how they are still the basis of public transport in many parts of this city. Apparently they came into the country as kits and were then assembled in Egypt in the 1970ies. Explains why they really all were late bays. Anyway, I just dug up some snapshots from our 2008 trip. So sit back, relax, and enjoy: The kombis of Cairo. (And there is also the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.)

The Great Pyramid of Giza (right) and the Queens Pyramids.

Great Sphinx of Giza close to Cairo, Egypt, in 2008.



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24 10 2012

Tolle Fotos! Ulrike

25 10 2012


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