Magirus Expedition Truck

26 10 2012

I saw this cool expedition motorhome some two months ago at the Berlin VW Bus Festival. Comes with its own swing-out crane in the back to manhandle the large spare wheel and to get the bikes up to their rack. The camper is based on an Iveco Magirus truck. This truck maker started as the German company Magirus Deutz and was later taken over by Iveco which belongs mostly to Fiat. Apparently the brand name changed several times, from Magirus Deutz to Magirus Iveco, Iveco Magirus and finally Iveco alone. For lots more background on this history, have a look at Roland Sparling’s web site on Magirus trucks. Judging from the badges on the front grill, the big baby on the photos below is probably from right in the middle of this take-over process, so from the mid-eighties. The model is probably a Magirus M170 D15 AK/2. I just stumbled about the blog expeditionmotorhome which has a post on such a camper truck, with lots more information. And many more posts on other very cool expedition trucks. Go and have a look!



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