Back to her winter quarter

6 11 2012

Autumn is in full swing in Berlin. Time to get Taiga Lily off the streets and into her warm and dry winter quarter. So last weekend I gave her a wash, filled the tank, upped the tire pressure to about 10% above normal and drove her to her garage where she will spend the next couple of months next to the Old Lady, our second bus. I soaked a cloth with WD40 and stuffed it in the exhaust pipe. That way the hot exhaust is meant to suck in some WD40 fumes when cooling down which should help preventing rust from the inside. I finally disconnected the battery and closed the garage. Back next spring when the salt is off the roads again.

Leaves turning orange and yellow in Berlin autumn.

Taiga Lily and the Old Lady parking side by side in their winter quarter.

… see you again in 2013.



2 responses

7 11 2012

Dang salt!!

23 03 2013
Dishwasher Kombi Parade | Campervan Crazy

[…] Lily’s return from her winter quarter has been postponed till the end of April. In time for the official start of spring, winter has […]

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