The Kid’s Kombi Collection

30 01 2013

There is a kombi import embargo in action for our flat – no more VW bus models because there are way too many already. But our little daughter is exempted, and she has already piled up a little collection of her own: Thanks to my colleagues for Fillmore, the big green 1960 Volkswagen from the movie Cars which arrived when she was born. The purple Samba is from Cora’s two boys who generously donated it to our little one from their own toy collection – many thanks! The short bus was already portrayed in an earlier blog post – thanks to Uschi! And the little red and white Samba, with a magnet in its base, is from Matti, arrived already some years ago and has then been re-discovered by our daughter. It now has a permanent position on the washing machine, teaches her about magnetism and has been washed already four times and tumble-dried twice.
PS: 10 points for inspiration to ZeroToSixtyEventually for this nice post on his kids’ bus collection.






5 responses

31 01 2013

Ha, that purple Samba looks familiar. Cool collection; I really like the magnet! Thanks for the 10 pts.

31 01 2013

super cute! your kids might appreciate the T3 *Camper* Revell build it yourself model i’ve just bought for my brother in law who keeps talking about buying a van but probably never will. Now he can at least put together his very own table top version. Win/win ^_^

31 01 2013

Thanks! Just googled for the T3 Camper model – very nice! I think I know someone who might get this as a birthday present later this year 🙂

23 03 2013
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