Hooray for the British Type Two Owner’s Club!

5 02 2013

When we toured Wales and the Southwest of England in our old kombi in about 1998, we passed a camp ground filled with VW campervans. We turned around and found out that it was one of the meetings of the British VW Type Two Owner’s Club. We were warmly welcomed, joined the meeting, had a great evening and I became a member. Membership came with a cool club sticker which was joined in 2001 by a 10-year-anniversary sticker, both proudly shown on the Old Lady’s back window ever since. I lost contact when I moved in 2001 and they lost track of my address. Should get my membership renewed before the next trip to the UK. Actually tentatively scheduled for this summer. Let’s see what happens!






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31 03 2013

Whereabouts in the UK/Wales/NorthWest did you go? And where are you thinking of taking the van this summer? I am actually German born (Neunkirchen) and grew up nr Hannover so I might qualify as your perfect UK camper holiday helper ^_^
Mrs B (camper holiday helper extraordinaire)

1 04 2013

Thanks for the great offer! I would love to take you up on it some time soon. Now our UK trip is probably postponed for a bit. We are in the middle of moving house and see that we need much more time (and vacation days) this year to set everything up and unpack 150 moving boxes… So this year probably only a shorter trip, perhaps to France, and the UK then next year. But will keep you updated 🙂

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