Dishwasher Kombi Parade

23 03 2013

Taiga Lily’s return from her winter quarter has been postponed till the end of April. In time for the official start of spring, winter has returned to Berlin, with 20 cm of fresh snow and temperatures down to -12°C. So not yet safe for the old bus to come out and play. On top of that we are moving house next Tuesday, so no time anyway to wake her from her winter sleep. Instead, some update from the kombi toy front: These magnets were put in storage some 2 years ago when we renovated the kitchen. Now they are back because our little one enjoys so much moving them on (and into) the washing machine, the dryer and the dishwasher. The early bay window with the 3D impression was a present from Jan, probably a souvenir from South America. The sage green/Taigagruen splittie came from Marion. The blue and white split-window, a present from Dave, is a photo by Australian photographer Peter Gibne who specializes on surfer motifs and Volkswagens. Check out his very nice web site with many more VW photos, including an amazing VW grave yard series. The red and white samba from Matti was portrayed already in an earlier post. Many thanks to the contributors to this little collection!








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