A Chevrolet Vintage Bus Inspired by the Kombi

6 04 2013

Look what I found yesterday when I dropped off the little one at kindergarten: A Greenbrier Sportswagon by Chevrolet, apparently built between 1961 and 1965. So this baby is already fifty years old! There is also a Facebook page for this car. The layout follows the Volkswagen bus of the time: Driver’s seat above the front axle, and an air-cooled engine in the rear. Though this one came with a 2,375 cc (80 h.p.) six-cylinder engine instead of the smaller four-cylinder boxer engines in the Volkswagen buses. The interior looks similarly basic as the split-window buses. Minimalist dashboard and interior. No sliding door but a double door on the passenger side. Wikipedia mentions a camper option, but this model here seems to be a microbus version. With the heat damage on the paint on the front I assume it was only recently imported from somewhere hot in the US. Also extra lights and reflectors added on the back to pass German vehicle inspection. It is now based in Berlin and registered as a historical vehicle (H registration). There are some more photos on my Flickr fotostream. Great that someone keeps this unusual vehicle alive!







5 responses

8 04 2013

Very nice! I think saw one of these a long time ago.

8 04 2013

Thanks for the like! So they are also rare in the states, then. Never saw any of them in Europe, so they were probably never exported to here.

9 04 2013

Sweet ride!

11 04 2013

I love it ! Looks so gloriously out of place and from a different era. Hope it doesn’t break down though – spare parts might be a little difficult to find …

12 04 2013

Thanks! Yes, will be difficult to get spare parts for such a rare car in Germany… But it does look very cool.

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