Straight to the Pool Room!

16 04 2013

After the kombi collection of our baby-daughter, here comes daddy’s pride and joy. This is what happens when all your friends know you as a kombi fanatic: 17 years of kombi models, some bought, but most received as presents from friends and family. It started in 1996 with the big blue-and-white “Nivea” panel van and the red-and-white T1 microbus, in the lower shelves of the cabinet below. They were birthday presents from Caro and from the colleagues at work (thanks guys!). The series of early bay-window tin toy buses in the fourth shelf from below is also pretty cool. They are produced by the Czech company Kovap, were apparently already on the market pre-1990 when there was still East and West Germany and one could buy them in East Germany as well. I found the first two models during a visit to Prague with DrJ, Emily and Mike in about 2003 and bought some more when I found them again in a shop in Berlin in about 2008.













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