Norwegian Sleeping Beauty

19 04 2013

This photo dates from August 1990 when I was on the way through Northern Norway to the North Cape, the most Northern point in Europe. Rainy day on the Vesterålen, a chain of islands in front of the Norwegian coast. A late split-window that seemed to have been parked to die a slow death, with head lights, indicators and wing mirrors already taken off. Today this would probably be considered a great starting point for a restoration and would certainly sell for lots of money.
At the time, kombi mania had not yet hit me. We were travelling in a Fiat Panda and camped in a tent along the way. But the first contact was already made: A year before I had met a friend who had just rebuilt a bay window panel van into a campervan. Five years later I would buy my first kombi, a panel van as well, and start rebuilding it into a campervan. Which I thought would take one or two months and which finally took five or twelve years, depending on whether kitchen block mark I (from 2000) or II (from 2007) would count as campervan-worthy. With the first kitchen block I actually made it to the North Cape again in 2006, this time in our Old Lady.




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