Air Conditioning, Old School

8 06 2013

After last summer’s trip to the Czech Republic with very hot temperatures in the back of the van, it was clear we needed windows in the back that can be opened. I now bought a sliding window for the sliding door. Just Kampers offers an original part from Volkswagen (part number J20071, OEM Part Number: 237-845-708/ 4). Turns out it is indeed a new and original Volkswagen part from Volkswagen Brazil. Not as authentic as an original second hand part made in the seventies, but on the plus side it is new and more likely to stay water-proof for a while. Fitting it into the van was quite an effort. A big thanks to my good old kombi mate Jan for his help and advice! Some more details below if you want to learn more.


Sliding door window before...

Sliding door window before…

... and after the operation.

… and after the operation.

Taiga Lily, upgraded.

Taiga Lily, upgraded.



We started with cutting the seal of the original window from the outside, then carefully pushed out the old window glass from the inside. The rubber seal that came with the new window and the metal frame on the sliding door were soaked with silicon spray. We then squeezed a 1.5 mm2 electric wire into the inner lip of the new seal (both ends of the wire meeting in the upper center of the window), and pushed the window from the outside upwards into its opening in the sliding door. This became quite messy and frustrating. One of us pushed the window firmly from the outside into its frame while the other one was sitting in the car and, by pulling the wire out of the seal and into the car, tried to let the inner lip of the rubber seal slide to the inside of the car. Sounds easy, but it took us 5 attempts to finally get it in. You need a lot of silicon spray to make sure the seal is slippery enough to slide where it should slide. But that makes both pushing the window from the outside and pulling a slippery wire from the inside rather difficult. When the wire is pulled too strongly or too fast or if the window is pressed too hard from the outside, the rubber lip is cut by the wire instead of being pulled over the edge of the metal frame. In the end we damaged the seal in two places, but from the outside it all looks ok and very tight. So it should be water tight, and we were too tired to start again. I actually had ordered a separate seal on top (Just Kampers part number J19510) because I did not realize the window already came with a seal. If the small damage on the inside will bug me in the future, we can have a second attempt with the extra seal.



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9 06 2013
Bevan Beattie

Try using a nylon cord (like small tent guy line, but tad fatter) instead of a wire, I have never ripped rubber using this approach, also pull cord perpendicular to window edge, and do one long side and half short end, then half other short end, before continuing right round to other long side,
Soapy water on cord, inside rubber edge can help as well



10 06 2013

Dear Bevan, great to hear from you! Thanks for the tips. Will try them with the next window. Jalousie window already bought, just need to find time to clean it and put it in.

12 08 2013
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