Go, Speed Racer!

26 06 2013

We used a family trip from Berlin to Hamburg last weekend to do some official speed measuring: From a standing start (from an Autobahn rest place) to 100 km/h, with a warmed-up 70 h.p. engine and, admittedly, without torturing the old machine too much, Taiga Lily did the job in 40 sec! 100 km/h is probably 60 miles/hour. A similar experiment with our Old Lady (50 h.p.) some many years ago ended up with about 69 secs, and our 50 h.p. camper in New Zealand last year made it in 65 sec. Although at that time we needed several attempts and a particular long stretch of even road to reach 100 km/h at all. Probably all the consequence of trying to push a 2m high wall through the wind. Quite an improvement from the Old Lady to Taiga Lily, but all can safely be summed up under “Zero to sixty… eventually” – the header of a very nice campervan blog. Still makes me chuckle each time.




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2 07 2013

This post was well-timed! We just returned from a road trip that took us over some major highways here in the US. As I watched everyone pass me by, I wondered if you ever took your bus out on those race tracks, otherwise known as Autobahns, over there. I’ve always wanted to get a bus out on the 1/8 mile drag strips they use at some VW shows and see how I did. Great post and thanks for the shout out to my blog.

6 07 2013

Thanks for liking the post! Yes, Taiga Lily goes onto the Autobahn quite regularly, but at modest speed (80-105 km/h). Lot’s of sections of the Autobahn actually do have a speed limit, but there is indeed no general speed limit in Germany and in the open sections people do drive very fast. A friend was seriously disappointed that his Maserati would not reach 300 km/h on the Autobahn, despite many attempts. He now changed the car to a Porsche 911 GT2 which does go beyond 300 km/h… Good point is that everyone recognizes a VW bus from far away and expects it to be slow. So people are not really annoyed when I occasionally overtake a truck. There is a speed limit of 80km/h for trucks, and they go 80-100 km/h, so sit in “my” slow lane.

8 07 2013

Your fellow German drivers are much more patient than my road companions over here!

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