A Middle Bench!

27 06 2013

Look what I found! Officially Taiga Lily is an eight-seater, but the middle bench was missing when we bought her. Some weeks ago I found one on Ebay and last weekend we drove to Hamburg to pick it up. Turns out this one was taken out of a 1976 VW bus in 1986, put into the attic and forgotten. 27 years later I picked it up from the very same attic. The color is not yet right, gray leatherette instead of black as Taiga Lily’s front seats and the back bench. I will have to buy a new black cover and get the bench upholstered. I also still have to think about how I will fix it to the floor, now that I have covered the fixation points thoroughly with my nice floor plate. I guess all this will have to wait for a while, but it is good to have the piece now.



Taiga Lily's original back bench, black leatherette.

Taiga Lily’s original back bench, black leatherette.



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13 07 2018
The big rebuilt: Turning a campervan back into an 8-seater! | Campervan Crazy

[…] attached the rear safety belts and before I built the rock and roll bench. The middle bench was an Ebay purchase from 2013, but had never been installed properly in the bus because the anchor points had not been accessible […]

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