Things That Can Break. Today, The Brake Booster

2 08 2013

I learnt a bit about the break booster (German: Bremskraftverstaerker, BKV) in the last few days. Mainly that it is not good when it fails. The first impression is that the breaks do not work at all any more, which is pretty frightening when it happens out of the blue. The breaks actually still work, but need a lot more power on the break pedal to show some effect. Turns out the systems runs under a vacuum which is generated at the engine in the back and is transferred via vacuum hoses to the brake booster at the front axle. My Berlin VW garage, Beetle Clinic, checked everything and found two dodgy sections in the vacuum hose which they replaced: One part with a kink in it and one where one of the previous owners had bridged a short stretch with non-vacuum hose. While at it, they also replaced a vacuum valve, just to be on the safe side. I picked the car up today and so far the breaks have worked correctly. So hopefully it were just these weak points in the hose and not the brake booster unit itself. I was told these are not made anymore and it may take some time to get a working unit second hand.

Taiga Lily meeting a close cousin at the Beetle Clinic.

Taiga Lily meeting a close cousin at the Beetle Clinic.



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5 08 2013

Glad it was a simple fix!

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