Sage Green Westfalia Camper

30 09 2013

Here comes a T2b Westfalia camper with a brand new paint job. Fantastic 1970-ies sage green, but I might be biased since I have fallen in love with Taiga Lily. Looks like the Helsinki campervan conversion with the kitchen block behind the passenger seat. Works with the jalousie window only on the right side of the car. Beautifull orange-green-yellow plaited original cushion and seat covers. Judging from the vanity plates it’s probably from 1978. What a beauty! Thanks to Matti for the photos!
Interestingly no head rests on the front seats. Volkswagen seemed to have offered them as an extra since the early 1970-ies and I believe they fitted them from that on as standard for the US market. I had assumed they would have been standard equipment as well in buses for Germany in 1978. Our 1978 panel van already had them already while 1976 Taiga Lily came “head rest-free”. Which is still a bit frightening and I am working on an upgrade here. There is an additional break light in the center of the back window. I have been thinking about such a light for a while now because the bus is slow on the Autobahn and it would be safer if cars coming fast from behind would see us as early as possible. The original back lights are pretty pathetic. I would almost consider stronger rear lights more important than extra rear brake lights.










One response

30 09 2013
Bevan Beattie

Nice Van, We have just obtained a 1979 version, same color and layout with Green headrests, we will be renting this out shortly in NZ!

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