Of Buses and Bugs

21 10 2013

The first one or two letters of a German number plate stand for the town the car is registered in. Then come two letters and up to four digits. These are random, but for a small fee can be chosen from what is available at that moment. So living in Berlin comes with the option and priviledge of going for a BUS number plate – highly sought after in the Berlin kombi community. I realized only a few days ago that BUG is also an option. Nice one! Also spoilt myself with a vanity plate holder I got printed for Taiga Lily. There is a happy little blogger…






2 responses

9 02 2014
Serenity Camper

Hello again! Where did you get the plate holder printed? Cheers!

9 02 2014

It was via this German web-based service: http://fun-kennzeichenhalter.de/Schwarzer-Kennzeichenhalter-mit-Wunschbeschriftung-Premium

They offer a lot of different variants, but I believe this link is directly to the one I bought. 8 Euro per plate. Worked all fine for me. I received an email with the proofs and had to accept that (or send in my corrections) before the real ones were made.

Unfortunately the site seems to be only in German. Let me know if you need help with the translation.

Best wishes,

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