More Switches!

22 11 2013

I finally got around installing two more switches on Taiga Lily’s dashboard: One for the petrol-driven auxiliary heating system and one for the rear window heating. I had taken both out when I fully stripped the dashboard in July 2011 and had replaced it with one less damaged around the radio slot. Since then I had never gotten around to fit these switches back in again. They were dangling a bit undignified somewhere in the dark under the dashboard. The replacement dashboard came with one extra hole which I now widened a bit to fit the rear window switch. For the auxiliary heating switch I had to drill a new hole. Shame that I forgot to take photos of the original positions of these switches. The wire to the rear window is half a meter too short for where I placed the switch now. So originally it probably sat more on the right, under the glove box. In the meantime the auxiliary heating unit, originally installed under the floor in the back, has gone. Too expensive to update it to the requirements of TUEV, the German technical surveillance, and at the time I thought of fitting a gas heating system anyway. But the heater’s electric wiring is so deeply integrated in the wiring of the rest of the car that I kept all cables in place and have the switch now more for decoration. With the rear fog light switch installed in August 2012, there is now a really nice battery of these old pull switches. Love them!





… and after.


PS: Will add some photos of details of the original wiring at the switches, in case someone needs to figure out which wires belong to which socket. These are all from a 1976 T2b late bay VW microbus.









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