Time for the Winter Break

1 12 2013

Berlin winter is arriving, with gray skys, miserable rain and temperatures touching 0°C. Time for Taiga Lily to retreat to her warm and dry winter quarter. So a week ago I charged her battery over night and gave her a thorough wash so that she will be all shiny and beautiful next spring. I upped the tyre pressure, checked the oil, drove her into her garage and diconnected the battery. While there I used a 12V electric pump to fully blow up the tyres of the our second kombi, the Old Lady. She is stored away in the same garage, waiting for better times. Seeing both of you again in 2014!





3 responses

22 12 2013

Do you add any stabilizer to the fuel or is the gas over there store well? Here, we have enough ethanol to cause a lot of issues during winter storage, it’s one of the reasons I store our bus for a short a time possible.

22 12 2013

Interesting… Did not think of this aspect yet at all. Last year the 5 months in the garage turned out to be be no problem (at least no obvious problem yet). Petrol was and is now “E10”, with 10% ethanol. But the engine was overhauled and all fuel tubings were replaced to make the bus “E10 stable” in early 2011. Hope this holds true…

22 12 2013

We have E10 here too (though it can go higher depending on state). Ethanol tolerant fuel line should stand up just fine but I’ve wondered if it might last longer with a stabilizer added. I’ll never know because I’ve always used an additive, not so much to protect the rubber, but to help ward off water accumulation (and a rusty tank) and any varnish that can form from the other additives. I’ve had this varnish clog fuel lines and carb jets in the past. This is a very hotly debated/discussed topic over here and I was just curious what you did. Thanks for replying.

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