Hawaiian Kombis

22 12 2013

Two weeks ago I came back from a conference which, of all places, took place in Maui, Hawaii. So I escaped the cold Berlin winter for a few days and enjoyed fantastic talks in a beautiful tropical environment. A bit surreal but highly enjoyable. I used some free hours to cruise the island in a rental car and found several kombis along the way. Below are some snapshots of two of them. First a white and blue late bay with some added Hawaiian flower theme, spotted on the west coast near Lahaina. Time and the ocean climate have not been kind to it, massive rust in some corners, and rubber seals of front and back window sealed with duct tape. But a beauty nevertheless: Cool worn-out paint job, white seat covers and door panels, retro roof rack re-sprayed in white, modern-looking aluminum wheels, and some work invested in the strange effort to fit front & back bumpers from an early bay window bus to this late bay. Then a blue Westfalia camper, plain and simple and also a bit battered-looking, with retro early bay hub caps and Hawaiian flower theme picked up in the curtain pattern. Finally some snapshots from the beautiful coastal road north of Lahaina.












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