Geelong Rat-Look Single Cab

15 02 2014

Here comes a split-window pick up truck, spotted November 2013 in Geelong, Australia, by kombi correspondent Campbell. Still with semaphores instead of indicators, so pre-1960. Does not seem to have much in terms of rear lights at all. Just realized that I actually had seen this bus already in Dec 2011, also in Geelong, at that time with a registration that said it was from 1956. Here is the link to the old post. Seems the bus has changed hands since then. Now it comes with a club permit registration. And someone replaced the original wheels with shiny chrome ones. Looks like a lot of work to get it back to rust-free condition. But then the rat-look also is pretty cool. Thanks to Campbell for the photos!







2 responses

16 02 2014

Very cool!

27 12 2017

The tail lights are original and unmodified.
Round lamps each side of the engine lid, plus central rectangular brake light above the number plate.

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