Kombi and Cooking with Jamie!

22 02 2014

Over the years we, as a family, have fallen completely in love with Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows. Up to the point where now our two-and-a-half-year-old brings DrJ’s tablet and yells either “Peppa Pig!” or “Jamie, Jamie!”. Jamie in turn seems to have fallen in love with old kombis. Below is the link to the first part of a four-episode Youtube series, “Jamie Cooks Summer”. Throughout all four episodes, an orange-and-white Brazilian bay window campervan gives the beautiful background for summer camping cooking. Towards the end of part-1 and in part-3 a sage green late bay has some brief appearances.

In 2005 Jamie travelled Italy on a cooking pilgrimage and cooked everywhere with the locals. He did that trip in a beautiful blue-and-white early split window samba bus with a matching trailor, made from the lower rear end of a Bay window bus. When I stumbled over the book of this trip, Jamie’s Italy, I had to buy it, if only for the photo of this bus trailor combination. But it is actually also a beautifully written and illustrated cook book, and I have cooked his lasagne recipe many times.

Photo of one of the introduction pages of the cook book "Jamie's italy".

Photo of one of the introduction pages of the cook book “Jamie’s Italy”.

Jamie Oliver's cook book "Jamie's Italy" (Pinguin Books, 2005).

Jamie Oliver’s cook book “Jamie’s Italy” (Pinguin Books, 2005).

P.S.: It seems that various technical problems with the splittie on the long way through Italy and Europe broke his love for this kombi, but as a kombi enthusiast that sounds unlikely to me and I will ignore these rumors. Instead, I will add a link to a cool TopGear Youtube video where the Stig races Jamie’s splittie while Jamie tries to make a salad in the back (the part on the kombi starts at 3:30 min).



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