A New Front Axle!

25 02 2014

I used the sunny weather last Sunday to wake Taiga Lily up from her winter sleep and brought her to the garage yesterday. Was very happy that the engine started immediately, after almost 3 months of being put aside. Background is that her front axle beam (German “Vorderachskörper”) was rusted through. This is an old kombi disease, at least here in Germany with lots of rain and lots of salt on the roads in winter time. Water gets into the hollow outer sections. If the openings at the lower end are blocked with dirt, the water stays in there and the panel rusts from the inside to the outside, as seen on the sad photo below. Once rusted through, the traditional stand of the German Technical Surveillance (TÜV) is that this part may not be welded but needs to be replaced as a whole. Not easy as front axles are not available from Volkswagen anymore, so one has to find an original one in good condition.
I was lucky in December and found one on Ebay for a reasonable price. It was delivered from Freiburg in South Germany to my local garage, the Beetle Clinic, in January. According to the Ebay ad, it was from the same year as Taiga Lily, 1976, and was put aside about 20 years ago for future use. It turned out to be indeed in very good condition (big thanks to the honest Ebay seller!). And the guys at Beetle Clinic did a greatjob in sanding and repainting it, with particular emphasis on soaking the insides of the hollow outer sections first with rust converter (Brunox) and afterwards with cavity sealing. The section with blank metal on the photo below is where the attachment plate for the break booster (Bremskraftverstärker) will be welded to the axle. This booster did not come with all models and was not on this replacement axle, but I was told it is no problem to cut it from Taiga Lily’s old axle and weld it to the new one. Most bearings in the steering system were already quite worn out, so the steering had a lot of play when I bought her in 2010. All these bearings will now be replaced by new parts when the new axle will be built in over the next 10 days.

Taiga Lily woken up from her winter sleep.

Taiga Lily woken up from her winter sleep.

Rusted section on Taiga Lily's original frotn axle beam.

Rusted section on Taiga Lily’s original front axle beam.

New second hand 1976 front axle beam  when delivered ...

New second hand 1976 front axle beam
when delivered …

... and after de-rusting and repainting.

… and after de-rusting and repainting.





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26 02 2014

Driving will be an entirely new experience I bet!

14 03 2014
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[…] Taiga Lily is back from the Beetle Clinic and as good as new! The new front axle has been installed, and with it many worn out parts of the steering mechanism have been replaced. […]

21 05 2020
The Beetle Clinic is no more | Campervan Crazy

[…] in 2010 and the front axle body was rusted through in 2014, they installed a new front axle body (here and here), and in 2016 a beautiful tow bar. They understood these old cars, and they did good work. […]

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