Geelong Brewery Single Cabin

1 04 2014

Here comes Milo – a single cabin truck from the new Geelong outstation of the Western Australian Little Creatures brewery. Many thanks to Jodi and Campbell for the beautiful photos! Milo is probably from pre-1960. The indicators at the front (introduced in 1960) look as if added later. The original semaphore openings next to the door handles have been re-used for additional side indicators. Someone also built a new rear bumper bar, and a metal rail to replace the side walls of the cargo bay. The color could be velvet green (L512). Little Creatures seems to have a theme going here: There is a red-and-white split-window single cabin on the title photo of their Melbourne Brewery web page. Same metal bars as cargo bay doors. Post-1960 model with bullet indicators. Cool idea – I like the beer already! We will be back to Geelong to visit friends and family in about a week, after two long years in Germany. We are looking forward to seeing you all again!







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1 04 2014
Bevan Beattie

Also looks like front suspension/hub change over to later smaller stud pattern, probably disks on front,

2 04 2014
Tony Bezzina

Hello there

Are you Australian?


2 04 2014

No, I’m German. My wife is Australian, so we will be visiting her family in Geelong. Best wishes, Roman

27 12 2017

On post ’72 brakes and wheels!
Colour could be anything, not necassarily VW. Two-tone was never standard on VW commercial vehicles, only the Microbus versions.

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