Geelong Brewery Single Cabin

1 04 2014

Here comes Milo – a single cabin truck from the new Geelong outstation of the Western Australian Little Creatures brewery. Many thanks to Jodi and Campbell for the beautiful photos! Milo is probably from pre-1960. The indicators at the front (introduced in 1960) look as if added later. The original semaphore openings next to the door handles have been re-used for additional side indicators. Someone also built a new rear bumper bar, and a metal rail to replace the side walls of the cargo bay. The color could be velvet green (L512). Little Creatures seems to have a theme going here: There is a red-and-white split-window single cabin on the title photo of their Melbourne Brewery web page. Same metal bars as cargo bay doors. Post-1960 model with bullet indicators. Cool idea – I like the beer already! We will be back to Geelong to visit friends and family in about a week, after two long years in Germany. We are looking forward to seeing you all again!







3 responses

1 04 2014
Bevan Beattie

Also looks like front suspension/hub change over to later smaller stud pattern, probably disks on front,

2 04 2014
Tony Bezzina

Hello there

Are you Australian?


2 04 2014

No, I’m German. My wife is Australian, so we will be visiting her family in Geelong. Best wishes, Roman

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