Official Kombi Farewell Video

12 04 2014

This beautiful video is doing the rounds at the moment. Looks like part of an official farewell campaign from Volkswagen Do Brasil, and comes in a Spanish version as well. Also featured on the Viva Westfalia blog. When you look on YouTube there seems to be a whole series of personal farewell videos from Brasilian kombi drivers in the same Volkswagen Do Brasil format, like this one from a food van owner. Thanks to Markus for sending the link!



2 responses

16 04 2014
Serenity Camper

Nearly shed a tear, it truly is the end of a wonderful era 😦

14 10 2016
Hellenic Vanagon

The fact is that VW of Germany and VW of South Africa, from the year 1979, rejected T2 and continued with the Vanagon T3(T25), and Vanagon Syncro, (4wd), a major update in terms of active and passive safety, (IIHS death rates).

So, producing the T2 for 35 years more, (from this point in time when the new technology is available to VW manufacturers), with its very serious issues in terms of passive and active safety, (“Jesus saves you”), simply because it is easy for you, in exchange of how many human lifes (?), may mean only one thing:

You, “VW do Brasil”, do not respect your people!

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