1977 Australian Sopru Campervan

27 04 2014

Here comes a VW campervan conversion I haven’t seen before: Spotted at last weekend’s National VW Club Bug-In in Geelong, Australia, this one is from a company called Sopru from Adelaide in South Australia. The owner told me they still existed and that at the time they were one of the campervan converters officially approved by Volkswagen. This one comes with the less usual automatic gear box and the 2L CJ engine. The pop-up roof looks like a Devon conversion, but differs in detail. Kitchen set-up with fridge and cooker behind the passenger seat, similar to the Westfalia Helsinki set-up (here is a web site with more photos of the interior of a similar 1972 Sopru conversion). Aussie roo bar with spare wheel at the front, and a rain water drain tube attached to the roof rack, as practical solution for tent poles etc. Cool “VW Campmobile” label at the rear lid, and 1970ies color strip along the sides, probably both from the original Sopru conversion. What a great campervan!

PS: Thanks to Earth Jive for setting me on the right track with Sopru, not Sapru! Had that wrong in the first version of this post.














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28 04 2014

I believe that conversion is a ‘Sopru’, not a ‘Sapru’, which might explain why you haven’t found anything in your searches.

28 04 2014
28 04 2014

Thanks for your help! Sopru it is 🙂 Will fix the post later tonight.

30 04 2014

Yes I had a Sopru in mint condition. There were a few variants but that may be just between year models… Mine for example had the fridge away from the sliding door on the driver’s side, separate from the gas cooker, which seemed more practical. all had the tacky 1970′s particle board finished in brown, which is why so many have perished over the years. Another practical Sopru-specific addition was the two side vents as in the white van pictured, allowing all-important air flow when camping. All in all a terrific conversion which is why it was endorsed by VW Australia. PS. I can email you pics of my conversion with original Sopru sticker on the rear window. Great blog…

30 04 2014

Great you like the blog! Thanks for coming by, and for the info on Sopru camper conversions. Yes, please do send me pictures of your Sopru camper! Love to put them into a blog post. My email is taigalily.t2b@googlemail.com. Best wishes,Roman

1 05 2014
Jogi R.

Nice report from Down Under! Always love to see VW campers from there. 🙂

1 05 2014

Thanks for coming by and for commenting! Some more kombis from Down Under coming soon on this blog 🙂

13 06 2014
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15 04 2017
Sandra Menerey

Any idea where I can find a roof rack like this for our supro camper which is missing it?

16 04 2017
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