Pull Switch Mania!

11 08 2014

Got a bit taken away with my Ebay purchases lately. Plus I have fallen for these beautiful Volkswagen pull switches. First a new main light switch, then a new hazard light switch, both somewhat justified because my original ones are a bit worn out. Then this amazing set came along, with some switches I wasn’t even aware they existed. Seems like someone took a bay window bus apart and sold it in pieces. Have to see whether I can install the windscreen wish wash switch instead of the aftermarket one I am using at the moment (for an electric pump I added under the water tank). Also I just learnt from the guys at Beetle Clinic that the fan switch was part of an optional equipment in the seventies – apparently it came with two fans in the fresh air channels under the dashboard. So many switches, so little time…






One response

12 08 2014

A couple of those switches are very hot commodities over here, at least in some circles. No score!

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