1971 Geelong Double Cab

21 10 2014

Here comes an early bay flat bed truck, spotted in April 2014 in Geelong, Australia. The registration sticker calls it a “Volkswagen double cabin ute” – ute being a very ‘stralian term for a very ‘stralian invention: The front of a normal sedan car (usually a big Ford or Holdon) fused to the cargo bay of a pick-up truck. The point being, you can take the wife to church in her Sunday best and still get the sheap to the market on a Saturday. Will add a photo of a contemporary ute below for those who have never seen one before. This old lady here has certainly seen better times. ”Rat look” springs to mind, and I have started to like the idea of not over-restoring old cars.  “Rat look is the poor man’s restoration” was a comment by a Geelong panel beater, and I can see his point as well. But at least someone has taken up the battle against rust, and cars probably die slower in the hot Australian climate than in Germany.





Holdon Commodore Ute

Holdon Commodore Ute




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