Aloha from Berlin!

8 11 2014

Not much time for blogging in the last couple of weeks. Update on recent events: I got a fantastic kombi cake for my birthday (thanks, my love!), and a Hula Dashboard Doll from KC Hawaii (thanks to Jan!). Leilani now resides on Taiga Lily’s dashboard and gently sways through Berlin’s traffic.






5 responses

9 11 2014

Nice! Happy Birthday, celebrating mine today – but no Kombi cake 😦

9 11 2014

Happy Birthday back to you! Hope you have a great day!

18 11 2014

Seeing your Hula girl reminded me of the Hula girl who used to sit on my dashboard – see

Unfortunately her dancing became a little too frenetic (or one of the kids pulled her apart, I don’t know which) and so she’s now been replaced by Elvis (no photo unfortunately). His hips have become ‘all shook up’ now too and so now he needs replaced …

I was wondering if you and Taiga Lily wanted to feature as ‘Happy Campers’ ? I think she’s make a great addition to the growing crowd …

18 11 2014

Thanks for the invitation. I have been following this series of posts on your blog and do like them a lot. Will need some time to get an intro on Taiga Lily and our camping habits together, but will now certainly do that!

18 11 2014

Great – and thanks ! I think Taiga Lily will be a great addition, and the first T2.

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