Back into winter sleep

11 12 2014

I used a dry and not too cold weekend in November to get Taiga Lily ready for her winter break. We actually did not drive the bus much for the last couple of weeks. Now I found a beautiful little surprise when I took down the roof rack and bike rack: Someone had planted a little Brekina VW bus model in the roof railing, packed in the original little plastic box and wrapped in sticky tape, hidden behind a foot of the roof rack. Thank you, dear anonymous spender! This one is going straight to the pool room! Not much time on this weekend to bring her to perfect condition, but at least I gave her a thorough overall wash. Then visited two Ikea stores which re-charged the battery hopefully a bit, filled the tank to the top (this year with Ethanol-free petrol, zerotosixty), drove her into her garage and disconnected the battery. See you next year!

All clean and shiny again!

All clean and shiny again!








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11 12 2014

A well earned rest then. We stayed with friends in Leutershausen near Heidelberg and they have a ’58 beetle which they just brought out of cover as it was May when we were visiting. Not used to that myself as winter is, by far, the best time to be driving where we are. Although it would be good if I could get the heater in my ’71 bus to work properly…

16 12 2014
Dan The Man

I moved the 67 Sundial under the deck this morning…until it gets into the garage and my 78 Westy is still parked in the driveway – replacing the master cylinder is slow going…but they both will be stored soon…if it gets even a little warmer, I want to paint the windshield frame on the 78 and get new glass…

16 12 2014
Dan The Man

Heater in my 78 works great….duct tape by the previous owner really worked well….needed it on a 10 hour drive to Charlotte NC….

17 12 2014

Ethanol free? Lucky Duck! Now you’ve got me wondering if I should check my luggage rack! Happy Holidays and hope the new year brings lots of fun miles!

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