1978 New South Wales Microbus

1 01 2015

Let’s start the New Year with this beauty! It is a 1978 Volkswagen deluxe microbus with the 2L engine and automatic transmission. Photo sent by Tony from New South Wales, Australia, who bought this bus from the first owner in 1980 and owned it ever since. The color is Marino Yellow/Pastel White. There is more information on the bus and also more pictures here. Thanks to Tony for the picture! We hope to be over in Australia again towards the end of the year. Greetings from a wintery Berlin to all our friends in Australia! Hope you are having a great and not too hot summer!




3 responses

1 01 2015

Know it well. He puts a lot of effort into the preservation of this machine. And bling…

13 01 2015
Tony Bezzina

Many thanks for your including my Kombi on your web page – just returned from a trip to NZ and some kombi spotting – you can find all may kombi spotting from my travels all round the world in the last 3 years.

Any way the NZ trip can be found from page 25 just Google search kombi spotted NSW and Beyond

Kind regards


13 01 2015

Glad you liked it! Many thanks for the link – found your photos via google and just started flicking through. Great pictures. Cool to see so many buses loved and cared for at te other end of the world 🙂

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