Awesome Mercedes Camper Trucks

7 01 2015

Now these are impressive beasts: Mercedes L series trucks, also called “Kurzhauber“ (German for “short bonnet”) rebuilt into camper trucks. This truck type was manufactured in Germany starting in 1959. Official sales in Germany ended in 1977, but Mercedes kept building them in Germany until 1995 for export and for special applications such as fire trucks. Production at Mercedes in South America (Brazil amongst others) went on until the late 1990ies, and they seem to be still built in licence in Iran. They gained a reputation of being extremely robust and reliable. Apparently sold all over the world except in North America and the Socialistic countries, and very popular in South America, North Africa, the Middle East and Arabia. This German Wikipedia page provides some more details (and many more pictures) than this English Wikipedia site.
The first photo below shows the truck of a Berlin-based campervan builder. It is a type 911 which, if I understand the Wikipedia page correctly, means “9” for the tonnage and “11” reflecting tens of horsepower. So this truck can carry 9 tons of weight and has 110 horsepower. The lower wind screen means it is from before 1967. No details on the exact models of the other two, but probably they are also from pre-1967. The red-and-white one with the heavy winch at the front bumper looks like an ex-fire truck. Photos taken in September 2013 in Berlin. The photos of the black monster with the graffiti incident on the right side were taken in Feb 2013, also in Berlin. I have always liked these archaic trucks. Very cool idea to use them as camper trucks!









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