Brazilian Bay advertising for Ireland

2 02 2015

Just found this on German television: The Irish tourist authorities ( advertise Ireland’s 2500 km of Atlantic coast with a beautiful blue and white late bay campervan. Which is in fact a Brazilian T2c late bay bus, see the air intakes for the water-cooler at the front and the more T1- or T2a-like front and rear bumpers. Haven’t seen the spare wheel holder on the rear lid yet – cool! Somehow looks like inspired by the T3 syncros, but is probably also original for the Brazilian buses.

2015-02-02 20.42.31

2015-02-02 20.43.35



2 responses

23 02 2015

That spare tire is interesting. In the picture, I can’t see any mounting arm or frame, which makes me wonder if it attaches to the rear hatch door. If it does, how do they keep the hatch door up when open?

27 02 2015

I assumed it would be attached to the frame, but one really can not see it clearly. But I guess the mounting arm is just hidden by the wheel itself. Would also believe that the hinges of the rear door are not designed to carry the heavy wheel.

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