New Kid On The Block

7 03 2015

Some months ago a friendly fellow with a VW T25/T3 campervan moved into our neighborhood. Now I pass by this van once or twice per day when I walk Leon dogwonder, and enjoy the occasional chat when I bump into the owner. The batch on the back lid says Atlantic Vanagon. The exterior parts (side panels, bumpers and front spoiler) look like those of the Bluestar/Whitestar/Redstar special editions built from 1989 to 1990, the last years of the regular T3 production. In addition, the Atlantic comes with a hightop and a complete Westfalia campervan interior. The German Wikipedia entry on the VW T3 describes the Atlantic as a “further upgraded campervan conversion” that followed on the “Camping” model (1980-83), the Joker, Club Joker and California. This one is a daily driver and also on the road in winter, but in quite good shape. My knowledge about T3 campers is not great, but there is a lot of information on the Atlantic campervan conversions on the Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Buyers Guide. The Atlantic campers were converted by Westfalia in their factory in Germany. You ordered them as factory conversions from Volkswagen. Volkswagen then delivered a certain body type (“253 kombi shell”) to the Westfalia factory where the campervan interior was installed. This particular van here was also the bus that welcomed 2015 in this earlier post. Welcome to the neighborhood!





Nutzfahrzeug (German for utility vehicle, also VW's Commercial Vehicles division)

(German for “utility vehicle” and also VW’s “Commercial Vehicles” division)



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