The Karmann Gipsy

17 03 2015

Here is a campervan one sees relatively rarely on the road in Germany: The Karmann Gipsy, a T3/T25-based campervan conversion, built by the German car manufacturer Karmann. The Gipsy actually has its own world-wide fan club, the Karmann Coachbuilts Club, with lots of details e.g. on interior layouts and the chassis construction. And there is this brief summary on Wikipedia on the Karmann Coachbuilts. They come with more space than the normal Volkswagen microbus- or panelvan-based conversions and feature e.g. a shower and room to sleep for up to 4 people, two in the back and two more in the front, above the driver’s cabin. Learnt on the club site that only 741 of these conversions have ever been built. 214 are registered with the club as surviving, 5 as destroyed. If you own a Gipsy and are not yet in contact with this club, you would make the guys very happy by registering your vehicle! Karmann was established in 1901 in the German town Osnabrück and for more than 100 years manufactured cars for other larger car makers, such as the Beetle convertible and the beetle-based Karmann Ghia for Volkswagen or the Mercedes CLK and Chrysler Crossfire for at the time DaimlerChrysler. In 2009 the company went bankrupt and the factory in Osnabrueck was purchased by Volkswagen. VW currently manufactures the Golf VI convertible and the Porsche Caymann and Boxster on this production site (information taken from this newspaper site on the latest news on (Ex-)Karmann Osnabrueck). Greetings to Georg, proud owner of one of these unusual campervans!










4 responses

18 03 2015

Hello here is Georg and yes i am a proud owner of a Gipsy and believe me its a pleasure to drive it and make holidays with it and this year its back on the road because it gets a historic Car.
Greetings to all other Gipsy owners in the world.

18 03 2015

Hello Georg, thanks for coming by. I had been thinking you had mentioned 2016 is the year when your Gipsy will turn 30 and can be registered as a historical vehicle. Great that this is going to happen now! Best wishes, Roman

11 10 2016

Thanks for the kind words with regard the Karmann Coachbuilts Club. We would be very pleased to hear from anyone who owns a Karmann Coachbuilt and our forum contains far more information about the Karmann Range of motorhomes (Wohnmobil). Pop along.

20 05 2018
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[…] successor, the T3/T25-based Karmann Gipsy, is more common on the road in Germany and I portrayed one of them here. According to this Wikipedia page, Karmann started making the T2b-based ones in 1974 and built only […]

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