Awesome 1969 Early Bay Westfalia Camper

21 03 2015

Spotted this truly beautiful Early Bay Camper at last year’s Berlin Bus Festival. It is from 1969. The Westfalia badge quotes the “Year of Manufacturer” as 1970 which will then be the year of conversion. The color is probably light grey (I345). The van lived most of its life in California and was re-imported and then restored in Germany only recently. Speedo with “MPH” instead of “Km/h” and “Emergency” on the hazard light pull switch and yellow and red reflectors on the sides of the van as details for the US-American market. Beautiful original wooden campervan interior. Interesting exhaust pipe construction to funnel the exhaust fumes of the gas fridge out through the ceiling. 1600 ccm B5 engine with 47 horse power. Looks a bit unusual that the spare tire is in the rear and reduces the bed space. Would have expected it to be at the front of the car. But hey, might be original as well.
The bus is now the pride of a fleet of about 3 kombis of “Old Berlin Bulli”, a new VW bus rental company in Berlin. They offer kombis with chauffeur service for city tours, weddings and film sets. Some more technical details on this campervan (“Mr. Alvah”) here on their web site. The slightly bumpy company name probably stems from Volkswagen’s strategy to come after you if you use “Bulli” in your company name. In Germany “Bulli” is the well-known and very positive nick name for the VW kombi. Volkswagen purchased the rights to this name only in 2007 and since then enforces that only VW is allowed to use it. As I understand, you have to add something like “Old” or “Classic” to your Bulli-related company name to get the official approval of VW. This seems what these guys have done as there is a little “Officially licensed by Volkswagen” note on the footer of all their web sites. Anyway, nice to see some kombi/bulli lovers have found a way to make a living of the kombi. And cool that they keep this beautiful bus in good shape and on the road!















5 responses

23 03 2015

Very nice bus indeed! Good color too 😀 If you don’t mind, I added Old Bulli Berlin to my list of links for rental/tour companies featuring VW buses.
Cheers from Virginia!

23 03 2015

I don’t mind at all 🙂 Thought of Moby as well when I saw this one. Did I get the color code right? Best wishes, Roman

24 03 2015

The color looks like a match from the photos, but I don’t know if Moby wears the original color. M-code says she was pastel white (L90D) and can’t remember anymore what the PO said about the repaint. From what I’ve read the original white was more grey than the sun bleached shade we see today on OG painted buses so it is quite possible both have the original color repaint. Did you talk with the owner or see the M-plate? Now you’ve got me curious!

29 03 2015

Sorry for slow reply. Got Taiga Lily out of her winter sleep yesterday, and a new front seat installed! Soon more on that. But no, I did not talk to the owner on the color code. Just matched it as best as I could from lists of original colors and from googling for fotos of vans with that color. Best wishes! Roman

3 04 2015

No worries. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that color at upcoming shows. Congrats on getting Taiga Lily out. You must feel complete again 🙂

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