Taiga Lily’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame

27 06 2015

This weekend, all Volkswagen dealers in Berlin presented the new generation of the VW bus, the T6, to the public. To emphasize Volkswagen’s long history of building the bus, they organized that in each showroom an old kombi, T1 or T2, was present as well. And Taiga Lily was one of the chosen ones! So Thursday I had a long summer evening and night of washing, polishing and vacuum cleaning. Friday morning she went to the VW dealer in Berlin Tegel. I picked her up again this afternoon, together with our eldest daughter, and we had some good father-daughter bonding over kombis. Though our little one was most excited about the large box of chocolate kombis we were given at the very end. We came prepared – check out our kombi T-shirts! What an exciting weekeend!



Getting all shiny and clean!

Getting all shiny and clean!





8 responses

28 06 2015

what a nice story……and what a nice little daughter too.

28 06 2015

Thank you!

29 06 2015
Patrick Ryan

So will you be converted? Air Con, cruise control, ABS, getting to 100kph.

2 07 2015

Naah. There is a bit of a warm feeling because the new one is a Volkswagen afterall. But otherwise it is just a new car – not much character, no history, not really interesting to me. But I am also thoroughly ruined for new cars, after 20 years of driving a bay window. It will most likely be a very good car.

29 06 2015

Nice work. The second photo is how I remember show rooms here (albeit RHD)

30 06 2015

Great story. I hope they treated you well. Are any of the camper versions of the T6 in the German showrooms yet?

2 07 2015

Haven’t seen a California yet at that dealership. But I asked for the prices: They will start at 53.000 €, and end at 86.000 € when you add all options.

2 07 2015

Ouch! There are three variations of the California apparently, the Beach (entry level), Coast (new) and Ocean (similar to the current California SE). Are you not remote to trade Taiga Lily in ?!?!

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