A new bus tent!

23 10 2015

With now two small kids, we decided the kombi alone would be too small for camping with the family. So we bought a very big new bus tent. The first camping trip in early August was a one week visit to our favorite local camp site (at Schwielochsee in the Spreewald, about 100 km south east of Berlin). The new tent (Reimo Tour Family Thermo) is huge and comes with two separate sleeping cabins. They fitted perfectly as parent’s and kid’s bedrooms. The bus is meant to park on the side so that one can enter the tent via the sliding door. But we used it this time as a stand-alone tent and used the kombi only for transportation. The weather was very hot, with temperatures touching 40°C, but it was a good break from everyday life. We should do this more often!





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23 10 2015

Good looking tent! Looks nice and roomy with good ventilation. How easy is it to setup? Does it take up a lot of space? Hope you get out a few more times before the cold hits and bus hibernation begins 🙂

26 10 2015

It comes in two bags and is not very light. But altogether really a very nice tent. Many well thought-through details. The camping season is unfortunately over now, but we have just arrived in Australia for three months of parental leave! Good times ahead of us. I am a bit behind with my blog, slowly catching up. So soon more on this blog 🙂

27 10 2015

Yes, kids do take up quite a bit of free time don’t they? I’ve been working on a post for the old westfalia canvas tent. It’ll be interesting to compare the two in more detail, but for the moment it appears your tent has a bigger footprint and is lighter (according to the link in your post). Have a grand time in Australia!! Wow 3 months, we’re so backward on parental leave over here.

28 08 2016
The Berlin VW Bus Festival 2016! | Campervan Crazy

[…] also the first one as a family, with parents and now two children, in the small bus. We set up the big bus tent we bought last year and used it a bit as veranda, but mainly as a shed to put away all the kid’s […]

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