An original Silverfish?

29 10 2015

I spotted this VW bus a few weeks ago in Berlin. At the end of the production of the late bay window T2b bus in 1979, Volkswagen produced a special edition called “Lord of Hannover”. It came with the full trim, including a large sunroof and a silver paint job which later triggered the nickname “Silberfisch” (German for Silverfish). This specimen seems to tick all the boxes, including the sun roof. The eyelids over the head lights are a bit nostalgic, but each for their own. The original silverfish was on the cover of my first kombi workshop book (Dieter Korp’s “Jetzt helfe ich mir selber”) which I bought in 1995 – see the cover photo at the end of this blog post. This one here is not a museum piece, but comes with all signs of everyday use, and the interior has been converted to a campervan. Very nice!
PS: Just saw that you can rent a silverfish directly from the classic car section of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, click here for some more nice photos and a lot of technical details. Interestingly they call it a replica. I assume they have recreated a silverfish based on a standard late bay window bus.












One response

23 06 2016

I bought a 1979 vw bus that looks exactly like the silverfish edition. how can i be sure that it is the original version? and how can i share the pictures with you.
Thank you for your help.

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