Back in Australia!

10 11 2015

We are back in Australia! Thanks to the generous German parental leave laws we are spending three months in Geelong, visiting family and friends. Beautiful climate change, from the beginning autumn in Berlin into an Australian spring or early summer where temperatures have already been above 30°C in the last few days. And there are still so many more Volkswagen buses on the road here! I saw the green beauty below a few days after our arrival at a local supermarket. I talked to the owner: It is a 1978 Sunliner campervan with the 2L engine. Recently restored with a new paint job in the original color (may be Manilla Green, L63Y), with beautiful details. Sunliner stickers and lines reproduced by a sign writer to fully recreate the original appearance. Heavy Australian roo bars at front and back with spare wheel on the front. Pop-up roof and nice wooden interior with the full campervan kitchen set-up. What a beauty!

PS: Click to this older post for another beautiful Sunliner campervan and some more information on this Melbourne-based Australian campervan maker. Sunliner Motorhomes do not seem to convert Volkswagen buses anymore, but on the “Company/Our Story” site of their web page the founder of the company is portrayed in front of a blue bay window Sunliner kombi.









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11 11 2015

Great spotting and welcome back down under – enjoy our summer

11 11 2015

Thanks! Great to be back!

14 11 2015

I’d go for L63H. I used to own a ’78 Sopru camper and it was Taigagrün. In any event have a good stay and I look forward to more postings about your trip.

15 11 2015

Thanks! Was also thinking of Taigagrün first, but then changed based on a Google foto search to Manilla Green. But I wasn’t completely sure.

16 11 2015

Taigagrun almost definitely. Fairly common colour on bugs and busses here through the 70s. Although with new paint job it looks quite bright. I had a 73 Superbug in Taigagrun.

16 11 2015

Are you coming up to Sydney? I would suggest get on a plane and come this weekend as there is an awesome VW meet by the beach on Sunday. Called Boris’ picnic day. Very casual encounter, true VW enthusiasts and some nice metal on show. Try and make it. Cheers

21 11 2015

Cannot make it to Sydney during this year’s visit. Just too much action here in Geelong with the 6-month-old, and this visit is for the kids and the family. But many thanks for recommending the Sydney meeting! Hope you have a great time there!

6 04 2017
Sunliners of Melbourne | Campervan Crazy

[…] still active, but nowadays converting various non-Volkswagen buses. Here is a link to a beautifully restored Sunliner late bay camper we spotted in 2015 in Geelong. This bus here comes with roo bars in the front and rear, spare […]

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