1975 Geelong Late Bay Kombi

13 11 2015

Here is a 1975 Volkswagen microbus, spotted a few days ago in Geelong. Color is probably Flipper Blue (CLR529), one of the Australian-specific colors. Chrome trim line along the sides, front lights with after-market eye lids. Interesting that the front seats are with head rests but the back bench is without. Otherwise a no-frills minibus. The registration sticker says it comes with an AP engine (1.8L, 51 kW/68 HP). Blind front indicator glasses probably tell from a long life in the Australian sun. Keep on driving!







4 responses

13 11 2015

Cool bus. I’m a little confused on what you mean by “Blind front indicator glasses”. Indicators are the turn signals correct? Blind?

14 11 2015

The indicators have become opaque due to years in the sun. If it was in NSW it probably wouldn’t pass annual inspection!

14 11 2015

Thanks. I can see that now. At first, they just looked dull, but I compared with another photo and can see the difference.

14 11 2015

Yes, with blind I meant that they were opaque and not transparent anymore.

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