Awesome Toyota Land Cruiser Camper

3 12 2015

This awesome four-wheel-drive camper pulled in next to us a couple of days ago on our campsite in Geelong. It belongs to Peter and Wendy from Queensland. They have been on the road throughout Australia for the last 5 years and have just arrived in Geelong on their way from Perth to Tasmania. Peter bought this Toyota Land Cruiser as a new car in 2002. It is a J70 Land Cruiser  which, according to Wikipeia, has been built since 1984 and until the present day. This one is of the 79 subseries (for the pick-up truck variant) and Peter bought it as a single cab with chassis and then built the complete camper set-up in the back from scratch.


It features two 125L fresh water tanks (one on each side in front of the rear wheels) and two additional diesel tanks (75 and 100L) which provide an overall capacity of 250 L diesel. With a consumption of 10-12 km/L, this allows trips of more than 2000km between refills. It comes with a six-cylinder engine which Peter equipped with a turbo. The unit in the back is made from a cage of 5cm aluminum square tube, extra strong so that the car should survive a roll-over without severe damage. All panels are made from double-strong aluminum panels.

The campervan conversion is deliberately very minimalistic: Large bed over most of the area in the back, with some storage space for tools etc. under the bed. Entry via a step hooked over the back wheel which can be used on either side. An esky (cooling box) running on 12 V as fridge and boxes with kitchen equipment on the wall behind the drivers cabin. A kitchen table to fold out and attach to the side of the truck, two small gas cookers to set up on the table when needed, with a self-built wooden screen for protection from wind. A lid on the outside on the rear right corner of the van hides a fold-out shower unit. One spare wheel is attached to the rear of the truck, a second spare wheel is on the roof rack. Most of the time Peter and Wendy were travelling with a caravan, using the Land Cruiser as towing vehicle. But even when travelling with a caravan, Peter and Wendy regularly use the Land Cruiser and its basic campervan set-up for longer and shorter camping trips off the main route. All the best for your future travels, and thanks for sharing all the details of this fantastic campervan with me!






Detail showing the inner aluminium cage.


External shower unit.




4 responses

3 12 2015

is it just me, or ar the images not showing?

3 12 2015

Sorry about that! It seems to work on my end. Perhaps images are too large and take too long if the internet connection is not fast? I started to use the new WordPress editor. Wonder if it integrates the images at too high resolution? Anyone else out there having this problem?

3 12 2015

probably was my internet last night… i just checked and it`s workig fine… I was using Edge (the new Microsoft internet explorer) so maybe was that…

nice post! thanks!

4 12 2015

Thank you! I pre-emptively reduced the size of the pictures in the meantime. So may have been too big pictures as well. Happy that it works now on your side!

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