Kombi Spotting: The Next Generation

9 12 2015

When the four-year-old has become a better VW bus spotter than the parents: Casual comment from the backseat while we were waiting at a traffic light in Geelong, “Look, there is an orange Bulli over there.” And there it was, hidden from our view by other cars, and spotted early enough for daddy to take a snapshot. Very proud of my big girl!

P.S. Beautiful Aussie campervan with pop-up roof, small front roof rack, windscreen visor and the full roo bar set-up with front spare tire. But not sure from which campervan conversion company. Looks different from the Sunliners and Dormobiles I have seen so far, but this type is also quite common down here.

P.S.S. It is a Sopru! Thanks to Bevan and Inheritanceorg for pointing this out. I had learnt about Soprus 18 months ago, see the beautiful Sopru campervan in this older post, but did not make the connection.




3 responses

9 12 2015

Looks like a Sopru conversion, similar to our Van 6 on http://www.classic-campers.com

9 12 2015

Sopru by the poptop. Very common here in the day, brown particle board interiors, practical layouts.

10 12 2015

Yes, a Sopru! Thanks to Bevan and inheritanceorg for helping me out. Will add a PSS above 🙂

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