A Christmas kombi!

24 12 2015

If Santa drove a kombi, this could be it! Spotted two days ago in Melbourne, with beautiful new paint job in what is probably chianti red (L31H) and pastel white. Judging from the red paint coat on the wheels, inside the wheel houses and on the inside of the van, it probably started its life as an all-red kombi and the white top was added later. The paint job has been customized with a fine white-on-red line running around the car and “VW” written small and in cursive in orange-on-red at the front and back of the van, see photo below. Several details are non-stock, but nicely done: Front seats and back bench upholstered in a beautiful combination of red vinyl and red velour. Door panels and wall panels covered with the same material. Dash board resprayed in red instead of black. Chrome bumper in the back with a different shape than the original one.

Dating this kombi is interesting: Front indicators and rear air vents make it a late bay, so 1972 or younger. The indicator and windscreen wiper switches are of the older variety, from before 05/1974. The speedo is in miles per hour, updated later with a sticker to km/h.  Based on this educational video from 1974 on the conversion to the metric system in Australia, km/h was introduced to Australia on July 1, 1974. Chianti red as a color option was available only in 1971 and 1972. This should mean that this kombi is from between 1972 and mid-74, and most probably from 1972. Merry Xmas to everyone out there!










4 responses

24 12 2015

Needs a wreath on the front!

24 12 2015

True! Must be Santa in disguise 🙂

31 12 2015

’73 model (fuel door, wrong way wipers etc…) Chianti Red was not available here unless the vehicle is a private import. But, to me, it has obviously been stripped down resprayed so the colour is moot. Still a nice bus and much better paint than my poor old ’71… All the best for your travels.

31 12 2015

Thanks for the comments and the good wishes! All the best to you, too, and a Happy New Year!

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