Happy New Year!

1 01 2016

We thought it cannot get any better with seeing VW buses everywhere in Australia, and then we saw this: A parade of eighteen kombis set up in the front garden of a property on the Bellarine Peninsula, a few kilometers east of Geelong. We did not have much time, so I just took a few snapshots from the fence and did not ring the bell to ask what this is all about. But googling for the address later on solved the mystery: This is the head quarters of “Hire-a-kombi”, a new VW rental company which recently moved here from Melbourne. Their website shows they have five VW buses on the road and ready for rental. So the rest will be future additions to the fleet or sources of spare parts. Wishing you all a great New Year and all the best for you and your families and friends!






5 responses

1 01 2016

Looks like your no.1 plan for your next visit to Geelong! We could get one too and all go camping together…

1 01 2016

Great idea 🙂

3 01 2016

Happy New Year! What great way to start it off.

7 01 2016

Happy New Year to you, too! Just visisted your blog – good to see you are already on the road with your family and the bus. Berlin is snow covered and at -11 °C, based on the news from friends at home. We are still enjoying the summer in Australia, but far away from our bus.

16 04 2017
Hire-a-Kombi on the Bellarine, Victoria | Campervan Crazy

[…] as spare part supplies. We had stumbled over this kombi parade already at the end of 2015, see this older blog post, but it was, again, an impressive sight. Great start into our “kombi weekend” – […]

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