Back in Germany

23 04 2016

It has been a long time with no blog posts. In mid-January our three-month parental leave in Australia came to an end and we returned to Germany. We had a fantastic time catching up with family and friends in Australia. Thanks to all of you who made us feel so welcome, shared your houses with us, trusted us with your cars and your caravan and helped with baby sitting. After lots and lots of sleepovers with her cousins and friends, our four-year-old had fully flipped from German to English. It took a full 4 weeks for her in Germany to flip back to German. In Australia our little one had changed from a 5-month-old small baby to an 8-month-old big baby. She got her first two teeth, learnt how to sit and started to crawl. The start in Germany was pretty rough, with several sad developments which took my thoughts fully away from kombis. But we are now back on track. Berlin has finally moved on from a long gray winter to a sunny spring, and the green returns to the city. So there will be more going on in this blog again in the next couple of weeks. Promised!



2 responses

24 04 2016

Good to see you back. I’ll my best to you and your family for the sad developments and cheers for the future.

24 04 2016

Thank you!

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