Happy 40th Birthday, Taiga Lily!

3 06 2016

Forty years ago to the day, Taiga Lily started her life on the road! She was first registered on June 3, 1976 to her first owner in West-Berlin. And her M plate reveals that she already was delivered as a sage green and pastel white microbus which she still is today. It also says that she is a 1976 model, but was built already in November 1975 (“planned production date: 25. Nov. 1975”), at the time already for a customer in “Germany, West-Berlin”. Over all forty years her home base kept being Berlin, although she changed hands seven times in those 4 decades: After 2 years she was sold the first time. Owner No. 2 kept her for 21 years and sold her only in 1999. Owners 3 and 4 each kept her for only one year. After almost 27 years on the road, owner no. 5 de-registered her in May 2003. At some point between 2003 and 2010 she was bought by a friend (owner-6) who kept her off the road, took her apart and gave her a fresh paint job (in the original color scheme).

We finally bought her in July 2010, partly disassembled and with an engine in very bad condition, but with a mostly rust-free body. Which was already very rare at the time. It took more than a year until she was fully up and running again and passed her exam as a historic vehicle in Nov. 2011. Her mileage over her first 27 years is lost in time. When we bought her in 2010 the speedometer read 79810 km, but it turned out this was totally meaningless since the whole instrument unit is from April 1979, so is not the original one any more. In the 6 years we have her now, we added only 16.000 km, so she really has an easy life with us. And she spends half of the year in winter storage anyway. Hope you will stay with us for a very long time. Her is to you, Taiga Lily!



PS: Fotos from last week when we started into a camping weekend. Nice random encounter with another T3 Joker campervan.




7 responses

6 06 2016
Daniel BARTH

Happy Birthday ! Let’s try to drive our buses more this year ! 7K Km is the most I have gone in my 78 in the summer.

7 06 2016
Jason Lack

Happy Birthday! I have only just got my first vw camper, a 85 UK T25. I was just wondering about how to find out about the history? Paperwork was not the best when I picked her up.

7 06 2016

In Germany every car comes with a paper that details all the precious owners (Name, date of birth, town, date of registration). So the data are all there. Not sure how this could be done in the UK, though.

8 06 2016
Jason Lack

ok cheers for that.
Berlin looks like it has a healthy VW scene been to Berlin many times still one of my favourite cites. I am currently in Bielefeld not found any local clubs here yet. I did however, recently attend a VW meet in Hannover for the 60 years celebration of the bully. It was really good, buses everywhere!

21 07 2016

What’s up Taiga Lily? Congratulations, great life story and to be continued. Forty years young which makes my ’74 forty-two this year 🙂

18 08 2016

Thanks for coming by. Life was pretty busy the last three months, both good and bad. Left not much time for trips with Taiga Lily, or for working on her or for blogging. Hope the rest of the year will be different.

24 01 2017

cybil, my bay was built in dec 73 according to the vw museum, but not registered until june 1975! Happy birthday Taiga Lily

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